Before you met, the world was dim. The anticipation of love was just a dream. A hope to one day bring light to this world - a light so bright that everyone takes notice.


Advanced Design Drives Beauty & Brilliant Sparkle

Outperforming all others, the PASSION8 cut was designed to increase a diamond’s brilliance. The eight points of the central flower evenly bloom around the diamond, ensuring the perfect balance of light distribution.

Clearly visible with the naked eye this beautiful flower feature is meticulously hand polished onto the pavilion of each PASSION8 diamond. Only master artisans with years of cutting experience have the skills necessary to achieve the distinction.


And just like that, a seed is planted. Maybe you felt it gently taking root or maybe it took you completely by surprise - growing a power that draws you together as one.


Calculated by the way the light enters into and is reflected out of the diamond, the most importance factor in achieving PASSION8’s exceptional light performance is cut.

Only through exceptional design and craftsmanship can the return of light be maximized.

No other diamond sparkles with such incredible distinction.

As your love blossoms and your hearts intertwine, passion is born; a passion you draw from to face all the challenges this world has to offer. Weathering the most intimidating storms, your love stands tall, flourishing in the sun as a symbol of strength, perseverance, and beauty.


A perfectly balanced 8-petal flower blooms into 8 hearts.

The 8 petals and 8 hearts patterns  ensure optical symmetry which  guarantees maximum brilliance.  Simply place the diamond under the H&A scope and see for yourself!

The Preferred Promise

The Preferred Lifetime Warranty covers ring sizing, general maintenance, and loss of mined or lab-grown diamonds up to 0.20ct at no charge for the lifetime of the piece of jewelry, free cleaning, and inspections every six months.

All of this comes at no additional cost to the consumer purchasing from a Preferred Jeweler.

Come into the store to see PASSION8 in person? Drop us a line today and make an appointment!

Grown from an unrelenting desire for more sparkle, the unique cut of each PASSION8 diamond features 32 additional facets.

Polished deep within its core, an 8-petal flower blooms into 8 hearts, culminating in an artisanal crown, faceting design.

Every good relationship has strong roots. As one of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the world of Independent Jewelry Retailers, Preferred’s vision is to bring together retailers and customers wrapped in a promise of quality and longevity.

With over 200 locations nationwide, Preferred Retailers offer consumers peace of mind. No matter where life takes you, your jewelry will always be covered.

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